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Relação entre expansão monetária e nível de preços no Brasil

Hiperinflação na Venezuela

Donald Trump didn’t cause Venezuela’s disastrous economic woes, but his random war talk is making them even worse.

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Taxa negativa de juros

ROGOFF: The world's central banks should get ready for negative interest rates in the next recession

Kenneth Rogoff, a professor at Harvard University and one of the world's most prominent economists, said central banks across the globe must start preparing themselves to introduce negative interest rates during the next global recession. Negative rates are already in place in several major economies around the world, with the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan, but other banks around the world would be wise to make preparations as well, Rogoff wrote in a new paper for the Journal of Economic Perspectives. "It makes sense not to wait until the next financial crisis to develop plans and, in any event, it is time for economists to stop pretending that implementing effective negative rates is as difficult today as it seemed in Keynes’ time," he said, citing the growth of cashless transactions as a reason to think that negative rates could be implemented more easily in future.

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Brasil - Alemanha

A diferença fundamental e crítica nas 'estruturas industriais', entre Alemanha_Brasil que explícita a natureza do chamado Desenvolvimento Econômico_Paulo Gala.
País rico, não é aquele com abundância de recursos naturais.
País rico, é aquele que cria conhecimentos, mercados e faz uso de 'força de trabalho' qualificado, resultante de massivos investimentos em níveis educacionais de C, T & I, vinculando conhecimento com Indústria.
Tá legal ? Falta muito ao Brasil.
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Alemanha e Brasil: qual a diferença principal? 

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Indústria brasileira

O problema não esta na produção de commodities per se, a questão chave é se o país é capaz de caminhar downstream ou upstream na cadeia das commodities…

Bitcoin e free banking

Fernando Ulrich and Matthew Mezinskis interview George Selgin on money, free banking & bitcoin.
Show 11: George Selgin - Money, Banking & Bitcoin Matthew and Fernando interview Dr. George Selgin of the Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives at the Cato Institute. Dr. Selgin relays a vari

Guerreiros da justiça social e a destruição da universidade

Make everything a social experiment and you achieve nothing.
A mechanical engineering professor at Michigan State University says “social justice warriors” are destroying the field because they’re injecting social issues where…

Dólar fraco

How does it help U.S. workers to erode the value of the currency in which they’re paid?

Moeda do futuro?

Long the ultimate safe haven in the global economy, the U.S. dollar may be losing some status as investors grapple with an uncertain political climate.

Desigualdade e complexidade econômica

Num instigante trabalho que conecta complexidade, instituições e desigualdade Cesar Hidalgo, Dominik Hartman, et el conseguem demonstrar de maneira robusta que países mais complexos apresentam níveis de desigualdade menores medidos por coeficientes gini. Os autores constroem uma criativa metodologia de índice gini ajustado por complexidade do tecido produtivo e chegam a resultados impressionantes em termos de correlações entre o que se produz e quão desigual, internamente, é um país. Como destacado no mapa acima, por exemplo, todos países produtores de cobre no mundo são mais desiguais (guardadas as devidas questões idiossincráticas) do que todos países produtores de máquinas e peças necessárias para a produção de papel. https://www.paulogala.com.br/paises-complexos-tem-baixa-de…/
Países complexos tem baixa desigualdade

Friedman Grande Depressão

Did Krugman Catch a Contradiction in Friedman's Great Depression Work?

by Luis Pablo de la Horra
Either the Great Depression was caused by government intervention (let us not forget that the Fed is a semi-public corporation) or it was brought about by the passivity of the US monetary authorities to actively respond to the crisis. According to Krugman, both arguments cannot be sustained simultaneously.
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Capital natural

A sobering new study finds that the world’s biggest industries burn through $7.3 trillion worth of free natural capital a year. And it’s the only reason they turn a profit.


The story of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer is a common one that’s made authors like Thomas Piketty a household name. It also might be wrong.

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Debate sobre a situação sócio-econômica de Sergipe

A análise das informações sócio-econômicas ocorridas na semana que passou, através da divulgação de um estudo realizado pelo Departamento de Economia da Universidade Federal de Sergipe, gerou algumas discussões sobre o desempenho de Sergipe em áreas como educação, saúde, segurança pública e gestão f...

O erro de Piketty

Historical data shows he has it all wrong, Carlos Góes says in a new study.

Keyes anuncia fim do padrão de ouro

Enjoy one of the very few video footage of John Maynard Keynes as he discusses the positive implications the end of the Gold Standard would have on Great Bri...

Desigualdade antes e depois a redistribuição



Durante muitos anos, Sergipe teve uma alta taxa de crescimento, maior do que a de outros Estado da região Nordeste. Tinha, também, o melhor PIB – Produto In

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Homem mais rico

Segundo biógrafo, banqueiro renascentista alemão Jakob Fugger chegou a acumular fortuna maior que as de Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim e Mark Zuckerberg…
bbc.com|Por BBC News


"The crisis takes a much longer time coming than you think, and then it happens much faster than you would have thought."
Rudiger Dornbusch
  • Quotes in: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Budget (2012). Concurrent Resolution on the Budget Fiscal Year 2013. p. 95

Educação, renda e desemprego


Nova tendências na teoria econômica

and also proud to be a co-author of one of the most downloaded articles from Research in Economics in the last 90 days (a 2015 article)
The most downloaded articles from Research in Economics in the last 90 days.

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Nova abordagens macroeconômicas

.. and also proud to be a co-author of one of the most downloaded articles from Research in Economics in the last 90 days (a 2015 article)
The most downloaded articles from Research in Economics in the last 90 days.
The most downloaded articles from Journal of Macroeconomics in the last 90 days.

Desigualdade de renda

There's a morsel of good news about inequality that's buried in all the scary headlines

Income inequality is rising. It is also falling. It all depends on your search parameters.
That is, inequality has been rising sharply in rich nations, with the middle-class taking a big hit, even as millions of  poor residents in the developing world have edged their way into their own country’s middle-income strata.

Por que inflação esta tão baixa?

Why Is Inflation So Low? Four Heterodox Explanations

Why Is Inflation So Low? Four Heterodox Explanations
Like the Pope during the Galileo affair, central bankers prefer to deny the facts that contradict their dogma, the Phillips curve and the Fisher equation in this case. The first posits the existence of a trade-off between inflation and the unemployment rate. The second defines the exogenous and stationary velocity of money as the ratio of nominal GDP to the monetary base. If these axioms hold, central bankers should be able to target both the inflation and unemployment rates by managing the money supply. But the past ten years have badly violated these two axioms: the supposedly negative relation between unemployment and inflation has been positive in most of the developed world, while the velocity

Estrada de sede

China Extends Her Silk Road to Haiti

China Extends Her Silk Road to Haiti
China plans to invest $30 billion in Haiti’s infrastructure according to the Haitian Press Agency (AHP). This week the Mayor of Port-au-Prince, Youri Chevry, hosted the signing of an agreement between the Haitian company Bati Ayiti (Build Haiti), headed by former Senator Amos André, and the Southwest Municipal Engineering and Design Research Institute of China. The agreement includes the construction of a 600 megawatt power plant to electrify Port-au-Prince, the construction of a new City Hall, markets, thousands of apartments, and eventually a railway from Port-au-Prince to the countryside. The center of the discussion was "the reconstruction of the main building of the Town Hall and the construction

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Economia japonesa

Japan Buries Our Most-Cherished Economic Ideas

Japan Buries Our Most-Cherished Economic Ideas
Japan is the graveyard of economic theories. The country has had ultralow interest rates and run huge government deficits for decades, with no sign of the inflation that many economists assume would be the natural result. Now, after years of trying almost every trick in the book to reflate the economy, the Bank of Japan is finally bowing to the inevitable. The BOJ’s “dot plot” shows that almost none of the central bank’s nine board members believe that the country will reach its 2 percent inflation target: Accordingly, the bank has pushed back the date at which it expects to hit its 2 percent target. That’s a little comical, since by now it should be fairly obvious that the date will only get

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Geopolítica da Europa

"A posição da Europa na Nova Formação 
Palestra do Prof. Dr. Antony Peter Mueller no XXXIII 
Simpósio Transnacional de Estudos Científicos da 
Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS) no 1 de 
Agosto de 2017 no Auditório da Reitoria da UFS
Palestra no YouTubeDatashow
Minha apresentação sobre "A Posição da Europa na Nova Formação Geopolítica" no XXXIII Simpósio Transnacional de Estudos Científicos da Universidade Federal de Sergipe (UFS) no 1 de Agosto de 2017
Palestra do Prof. Dr. Antony Peter Mueller no XXXIII Simpósio Transnacional de Estudos Científicos da…