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Grupo de pesquisa apresenta

Grupo de pesquisa do Departamento de Economia da UFS apresenta

FMI e previsão econômica

Desmond Lachman | AEIdeas
The International Monetary Fund's track record in economic forecasting leaves a lot to be desired. It failed to anticipate the Asian economic crisis in 1998, the global Great Recession of 2008–09, and the European sovereign debt crisis of 2010. There's now every prospect that before 2018 is out, its latest economic outlook will be seen once again to have been wildly optimistic and blind to the real risks confronting the world's economic recovery.

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segunda-feira, 24 de julho de 2017

O mito do desemprego tecnológico

If the nightmare of technological unemployment were true, it would already have happened, repeatedly and massively.

Taxa de juros do Brasil

"Economista explica por que os juros no Brasil são tão altos. Vale a pena dar o play:

Ajude o MBL: https://goo.gl/y9SXRp
Acesse nossa loja: http://loja.mbl.org.br/
Junte-se http://plataforma.mbl.org.br/"

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'A Tarefa Mais Curiosa Da Economia É Demonstrar Aos Homens (E Políticos) Quão Pouco Eles Sabem Sobre Aquilo Que Imaginam Poder Planejar.' F. A Hayek
Os Erros Fatais do SOCIALISMO - Por que a teoria não funciona na prática?
Neste livro, Friedrich A. Hayek apresenta um exame fundamental e crítico das ideias centrais do socialismo. Ele argumenta que o socialismo, desde as suas origens, foi confundido com algo embasado em fundamentos científicos e factuais, e mesmo lógicos, mas q...
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'A Tarefa Mais Curiosa Da Economia É Demonstrar…

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How have the most influential political economists of the past three centuries theorized about sovereign borrowing and shaped its now widespread use? That important question receives a comprehensive answer in this original work, featuring careful textual analysis and illuminating exhibits of public…

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Futuro do Brasil

De Canuto, diretor do Banco Mundial: “O filme brasileiro está mais para um final de Holywood do que para final de filme francês.” (Fotos: Sílvio Simões)O momento…

O que é "capital"?

It is crucial to understand the essentials of capital if one wants to understand the essentials of capitalism. Israel Kirzner's book, now available for free at FEE.org, is…

terça-feira, 18 de julho de 2017

BNDES atrapalha competitividade do Brasil diz Banco Mundial


World Bank Says Brazil Gives Too Much Stuff Away


segunda-feira, 17 de julho de 2017

Minha entrevista sobre demarquia

O intelectual americano H. L. Mencken foi preciso ao afirmar que os políticos “saberão que, em uma democracia, os votos são conseguidos não ao se falar coisas…

Angus Deaton sobre libertarianismo e igualdade

Must-read, by Angus Deaton:"The libertarian case...should not necessarily be thought of as an argument that favours the rich."
Angus Deaton, a Nobel prize-winning economist, explores a question that intrigued him

domingo, 16 de julho de 2017

Keynesianismo é consumerismo

"Historically it was Keynesianism that brought the emphasis on consumption into economics. Before the Keynesian revolution the standard belief among economists was that production was the source of demand and that encouraging saving and production was the way to generate economic growth. This was more or less the correct understanding of Say’s Law of Markets. (See also James C. Ahiakpor’s article in the current Freeman). As J. B. Say himself wrote in the early nineteenth c...entury:
""[T]he encouragement of mere consumption is no benefit to commerce; for the difficulty lies in supplying the means, not in stimulating the desire of consumption; and we have seen that production alone furnishes those means. Thus it is the aim of good government to stimulate production, of bad government to encourage consumption."
"Of course “stimulating production” need mean nothing more than leaving producers free to seek out profits as they see fit within the standard classical-liberal framework of law. It does not mean government should artificially benefit producers any more than it should encourage consumption.
"The great irony is that leftists frequently argue that capitalism equals “consumerism.” They think defenders of free markets believe that more consumption promotes economic growth; thus we are charged with providing the ideological cover that justifies the consumerism they see as deadening lives and wasting resources. What the leftist critics miss is that economists never saw consumption as the driving force of economic growth and prosperity until the Keynesian criticisms of free markets became ascendant."
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One of the most pernicious and widespread economic fallacies is the belief that consumption is the key to a healthy economy.

sábado, 15 de julho de 2017

A economia de escravidão

"This ground-breaking book adds an economic angle to a traditionally moral argument, demonstrating that slavery has never promoted economic growth or development, neither today nor in the past. While unfree labor may be lucrative for slaveholders, its negative effects on a country’s economy, much like pollution, drag down all members of society. Tracing the history of slavery around the world, from prehistory through the US Antebellum South to the present day, Wright illustra...tes how slaveholders burden communities and governments with the task of maintaining the system while preventing productive individuals from participating in the economy.
"Historians, economists, policymakers, and anti-slavery activists need no longer apologize for opposing the dubious benefits of unfree labor. Wright provides a valuable resource for exposing the hidden price tag of slaving to help them pitch antislavery policies as matters of both human rights and economic well-being."
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This ground-breaking book adds an economic angle to a traditionally moral argument, demonstrating that slavery has never promoted economic growth or…

A geração perdida da Venezuela

Venezuela is at risk of losing an entire generation

Business Insider